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Pure Brilliance Clear Pint

Pure Brilliance Clear Pint

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Pure Brilliance Clear Pint for Brushing

Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze has pushed non-toxic fired product technology to an even newer level with attributes you normally would only experience from a product that contained lead. 

This is why Duncan Pure Brilliance  Clear Glaze truly is The FIRST High Performance Non-Toxic Clear Glaze!

We have performed extensive testing on Pure Brilliance for many reasons including, safety, performance and ease of use. Performance testing has taken place over all Duncan underglaze colors, all competitive underglaze colors from many manufacturers, a variety of bisque from all over the world and multiple clay formulas, to ensure that performance is optimum even for those who prefer to cast their own ware.

Duncan Envision Glazes are made to give continually beautiful, true-color, surfaces and great brushability for ease of application. The Envision Glazes provide a rainbow of colors and a variety of color types: opaque, semi-opaque, transparent (colored), and clear. Their uses are equally wide, from a clear or transparent finish used over underglaze design work to solid-color coverage. This family of glazes is food safe and nontoxic. Most of the Envision glazes are over glaze compatible. Fire to Cone 066 Reasons to use it...

  1. Ultimate Forgiveness! - Pure Brilliance has the forgiveness of clear glazes that contain lead but is non-toxic! 
  2. Brilliant Shine and Clarity! - Pure Brilliance has a shine and clarity like no other non-toxic glaze on the market, period! 
  3. Dries Fast and Stable! - Pure Brilliance tacks up at the right pace to allow drips and runs to be minimized while overall dry time is fast to allow you to get pieces in the kiln right away. Plus it dries stable to minimize dust while handling. No more glazed starved plate rims! 
  4. Enhances Underglaze Colors! - Pure Brilliance makes your underglaze colors "pop" no matter which color brand you are using. 
  5. Improved Craze Resistance! - Pure Brilliance has the craze resistance like no other non-toxic glaze on the market, period! 
  6. Easy To Use! - Pure Brilliance is very easy to use. From the fantastic brushability of the brush on formula to the ready in minutes nature of the dipping formula, your results will be Purely Brilliant!

The Envision Glazes provide a very wide range of colors and a variety of color varieties: opaque, semi-opaque, transparent (colored), and clear. How To Use: Apply to clay that is fired to witness cone 04, called bisque. Apply 3 flowing coats unless otherwise stated on jar label. Allow to dry thoroughly between coats. Fire to witness cone 06.Thin with water or Thin 'NShade if needed. Tips: Over Underglazes While transparent (colored) Envision Glazes can be used over underglazes, their color may change the colors of the underglazes. Test fire a small sample to be sure of satisfactory results. Transparent colors are best on detailed pieces.

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