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Liquid Bright Platinum Best Quality 100g

Liquid Bright Platinum Best Quality 100g

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Unleash your inner spark with Liquid Bright Platinum, the best 100g option for a premium shine!

100 grams of 11% Liquid Bright platinum

Made in Japan. Fire to cone 018

Price depends on the cost of gold, exchange rate of Yen to $ and shipping costs.

100 grams of Liquid Bright Platinum Best Quality 

Liquid gold will develop color on the glaze, but good color development will not be obtained on the unglazed base, so please select the firing temperature that matches the base, glaze, and kiln.

base material Firing temperature
porcelain 720~880℃ Cone 017-011
Pottery, semi-porcelain, ceramics 620~700℃ Cone 018-019
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