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Liquid Bright Gold Felt tip Pen

Liquid Bright Gold Felt tip Pen

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This CERAMIC MARKER. is specially prepared for chinaware and glass.

Customize your artwork with 22K gold!

To apply this Ceramic Marker appropriately; please read the following directions and follow them.

♦ use

1. Pull off the cap and push the tip several times.

2. Apply it slowly and evenly on a fired glaze or glass.

3. Fire the gold to Cone 018 for most ceramics. 1350 F or 735 C

4. After using the marker , put the cap on firmly and keep it in a dark and cool place.


1. Do not use with any other liquids since it may cause chemical change.

2. Keep away from heat and fire.

3. In the case of liquid spilling over the skin, wipe with solvents immediately and wash with water.

4. Keep out of reach of Children


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