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Art Clay Silver Overlay Paste 650 10 grams

Art Clay Silver Overlay Paste 650 10 grams

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CS 650 10G Overlay Paste

Small pottery shard, the edges are coated with overlay paste and the bail is Art Clay Art Clay Silver Overlay Paste combines the ability to fire on porcelain and ceramics and glass with the ease of lower firing temperatures! Fires at 1200ºF. for 30 minutes for increased versatility. Can be used with Art Clay.Art Clay Silver Overlay Paste 650

Overlay Paste is specifically formulated to bond to non-porous or glazed surfaces such as porcelain. Its viscosity can be adjusted by water which increases the way of expression. It turns into 99% silver form after firing. The surface of the fired area where Overlay Silver Paste was applied will be white and matte due to crystallization of silver, but a luster can be obtained by polishing. (Stainless blush, burnisher, sandpaper, file) Some silver settling may occur at bottom of jar. Stir the paste well with a brush or spatula before use. This product is water based and can dry up. Always keep the container tightly capped. If the paste dried up, add a little water to recover its original state. To dilute the paste, take out the necessary amount and place it in a different container. Then, add necessary amount of water. *Do not dilute it directly in the bottle.

Temperature (at least)650℃/1202°F~800℃/1472°F   No hold time needed


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